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Click here to read our August Audio Visual Network Insider!   #AVTweeps Our August Newsletter is here! Check out what’s new with TierPM this month! Ft. @commintegrator @CraigMacCormack #FridayReads – — TPM AV/IT Solutions (@TierPM) August 17, 2018 Follow @TierPM… Read More »

Certifications for a Higher Salary

Higher Salary

Information Technology professionals are in high demand, yet the supply of skilled workers is low. Employers rely on the difficulty of passing IT certifications as proof a prospective worker possesses the skill necessary to earn the higher salary.  In this environment, skilled technology workers are in the excellent position of demanding six-figures for specialized, needed IT… Read More »

IT Certifications That Pay the Most

pay the most

The IT industry is expanding at a rapid rate, which will only increase as technology advances. Along with this expansion brings the increased need for qualified IT professionals fit to do the job. This fact alone, however, does not guarantee applicants will land a job, especially one that will pay the most. So, how does… Read More »

Attracting Audio Visual Talent

Attract Talent

In today’s competitive landscape, if you want to make a killer presentation to a client, partner or investor, you need to have the technology to bring your pitch to life. This is just one place where the Audio Visual industry and Audio-Visual (AV) technicians come into play. They have the technical knowledge and skills that… Read More »

Top 3 Tips for Motivating Employees

  Morale is an important aspect of any business, but it is also one of the most overlooked. By simply showing employee recognition and appreciation, workers are more likely to feel welcomed and their productivity is likely to go up along with it. You don’t have to go out of your way in order to… Read More »

TierPM Proudly Sponsored AVIXA Women’s Council Networking Breakfast for Second Year in a Row

AVIXA womens council

Certified Diverse AV/IT Workforce Solutions company sponsored the AVIXA Women’s Council Networking Breakfast at the InfoComm 2018 AV trade show. Richmond, VA, June 12th, 2018 – TierPM was honored to sponsor for the second year in a row the AVIXA Women’s Council Networking Breakfast. The event hosted close to 300 AV professionals who came together… Read More »

Top Five Ways to Land the Job

Top Five Ways to Land the Job

Even in a strong economy, the competition for jobs can be fierce, especially when it comes to the best, most attractive positions. That’s why it’s so important for job-seekers to try and maximize their chances of getting hired. While you might think you’ve done all you can to strengthen your candidacy, there might be something… Read More »

TierPM Exhibits at AVIXA’s InfoComm 2018

[SlideDeck2 id=950]   Certified Diverse AV/IT workforce solutions company exhibits at largest AV trade show in North America. TierPM, a Certified Diverse AV/IT Workforce Solutions Company, was one of the 900+ AV companies to exhibit at InfoComm 2018 this past weekend. With over 43,000 attendees, TierPM included, InfoComm 2018 set a record high with this… Read More »

Project Managing in Chaos: Handling Uncertainty

A large part of project management is risk management. In any project, there are bound to be changes and unexpected occurrences, but if the project is properly planned then the project manager and team will be well prepared to handle them. When a project is poorly planned it leads to chaos and productivity loss. As… Read More »

TierPM Honored to Sponsor the AVIXA Women’s InfoComm 2018 Networking Breakfast

    TierPM, an audiovisual and IT diverse workforce solutions company is honored to announce their sponsorship of the AVIXA Women’s InfoComm 2018 Networking Breakfast.   Richmond, VA, May 16, 2018 – The AVIXA Women’s InfoComm 2018 Networking Breakfast takes place on Thursday, June 7th from 7:30 a.m. to 9:30 a.m. in Westgate, Ballroom A.… Read More »