AV Spotlight | October 2018

 @Cbmoss |  Facebook/CoreyMoss |  LinkedIn/CoreyMoss AV Spotlight: Meet Corey Moss Owner/Editor-In-Chief and Podcast Producer at Convergent AV. Corey is a former commercial AV integrator, with 15 years of audio visual integration experience under his belt. For the past five+ years, Corey has been active in AV/tech press and media, focusing on AV, IT, UC, software, cloud, mobile, cybersecurity, and… Read More »

Virtual, Augmented, and Mixed Reality – What’s the Difference?

virtual reality

With the constant emergence of new technologies, the borders between the real world and computer-generated worlds continue to disintegrate, bringing with them experiences that only a few years ago belonged to the realm of science fiction. Along with these technologies, new concepts such as virtual reality, augmented reality, and mixed reality have emerged. They all… Read More »

Become A Developer – The Hottest Tech Career 

Hottest Tech Career

The explosion of information technology over the past decade has opened up hundreds of new tech career fields. These careers are among the most exciting and most profitable today, often commanding high wages and job security that are lacking in other fields. One of the hottest tech careers available to modern tech workers is that… Read More »

Job Seekers – Mistakes to Avoid

audio visual companies

Job seeking is an exciting time: networking, connecting with co-workers from the past, meeting new people, and learning about fresh opportunities. However, some Audio Visual job seekers become so enthralled in their connecting that he or she makes the mistake of overbooking his or her self. While getting as many interviews as possible is good,… Read More »

The Benefits of Hiring Temps

hiring temps

Whether you need temporary help because of the absence of an employee or some extra hands on deck during a particularly busy time, hiring temporary workers, or temps is a great option for your business. Temps offer several distinct advantages when compared to finding new traditional employees, especially when it comes to short-term work. Here… Read More »

TierPM Communications Specialist Named Top 40 Influencer Under 40

Commercial Integrator's 2018 40 Influencers Under 40

TierPM Communications Specialist, Maura Quinn, was honored as a Top 40 Influencer Under 40 of 2018 by Commercial Integrator. Congratulations to TierPM Communications Specialist, Maura Quinn, on being named one of Commercial INTEGRATOR Magazine’s “Rising Stars in the AV Industry: The 2018 CI 40 Influencers Under 40”!   Maura has been honored by the Audio Visual magazine… Read More »

The Need for Enterprise Cloud Computing


Thanks to cloud computing, the world of IT services has changed forever. The era of everything-as-a-service is here to stay. Cloud service models allow even small enterprises to make use of IT technologies and systems that in the past would have been well beyond their budgets. Cloud service vendors scale service provision to your business’s… Read More »

How to Encourage Collaboration


As the typical workplace continues to evolve, energy and atmosphere of the office can be easily lost in the shuffle. It is important to consistently strengthen collaboration in the workplace. It is the collective creation of workable ideas and helps employees to achieve a common or set goal. Here are key tips on how to encourage collaboration in your… Read More »

How To Land a Programming Job

programming job

How Do You Find a Programming Job with No Industry Contacts or Network? When you’ve spent years earning a degree that qualifies you to code or months at a coding boot camp, you probably feel, after all the hard work, that you deserve a programming job right away — one that gives you a reasonable pay… Read More »

Audio Visual Workforce Solutions

audio visual workforce solutions

TierPM AV/IT Workforce Solutions, an active member of industry leading trade associations including InfoComm, the American Staffing Association and TechServer Alliance, among others, is a leader in the audio visual recruiting and staffing industry. By establishing a core focus and specialty on the ever-growing audio visual industry, and it’s convergence with Information Technology, we have developed the knowledge and… Read More »