Recruit The Employee You Want – Without The Recruiting Hassle


Picture this: you have several new projects on the horizon, and one of your clients has additional, time-consuming requests, requests that you don’t necessarily have the time to complete. Let’s face it, you need to recruit a dedicated team. To hire someone new would take time away from your already busy schedule and set you… Read More »

Nailing the 90-Day Mark: How to Set Your Employees Up For Success

When a new employee arrives at the office for their first day of work, chances are they will experience some nervous jitters—and that’s completely normal. However, ensuring that your new employees feels like part of the team not only eases these jitters, but also plays a pivotal role in their productivity and overall success. So,… Read More »

5 Key Traits For IT Project Managers

Nearly every organization requires major IT systems in order to stay organized and effective. However, if you consider how quickly modern technology evolves, implementing these systems is no easy feat. Enter: IT project managers. IT project managers are the fearless leaders who can help you navigate the waters of technology and shed light on complex… Read More »

An Insider’s Look at the Recruiting Process

An Insider’s Look at the Recruiting Process

Recruiting and hiring decisions are some of the most important decisions made by any organization, because employees are the foundation for any successful company. If organizations don’t “hire smart,” there may be repercussions down the road. Unfortunately, recruiting for, and vetting, potential hires is often a stressful and time-consuming process – taking employees away from… Read More »

Benefits Using a Staffing Agency

Bringing in a new employee is a costly, time-consuming process that can easily be made worse with a bad hire. Take it from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, for example: the average direct cost for hiring a new team member is about $58,000 including basic wages, benefits and taxes. Now add on recruiting, advertising… Read More »

6 Tips for Hiring the Best Employees

It’s important to hire the best possible talent. Having the right personnel can mean the difference between success and failure. Here are six tips for hiring the best employees for your business. Be Proactive Don’t wait for a vacancy to start looking for talent. If you wait until someone leaves, you’ll feel pressure to advertise… Read More »

TierPM Co-Founder Honored by CI Magazine

Congratulations to TierPM Co-Founder Marika Aquino on being named one of Commercial INTEGRATOR Magazine’s “40 CI Influencers Under 40: Class of 2015”!  Marika has been lauded by the magazine for her efforts in gaining recognition for TierPM’s focus and commitment to the Audio Visual industry by partnering with clients and job seekers alike to help deliver innovative… Read More »

Campaigning for the Right Job

Job hunting, like campaigning, is about connecting with the decision makers and convincing them that you have the right background, acumen and energy to get the job done. With two year election cycles, it feels that we are being exposed to never ending political campaigns. Some campaigns bring out interesting candidates and ideas, and some… Read More »

Skills Gap: Is It Real, and Who’s Responsible?

U.S. News & World Report (02/18/15) Andrew Soergel Although businesses increased hiring dramatically last year, about half of the respondents to PayScale’s annual compensation best practices survey said they were having trouble finding skilled workers to fill open positions. Seventy-five percent of recruiting firm professionals said there are skills shortages in the industries they work… Read More »

Working With Staffing Firms

Looking for Audio Visual talent can be difficult especially when you may not have all the right tools and resources to effectively look for qualified candidates. That is why many folks in the industry look to staffing and workforce solutions firms to aid them in their search. Working with a staffing agency is an excellent… Read More »