Data Analytics Solutions by TierPM

Our data analytics services and solutions are designed to assist your business better organize, understand and visualize your data. Utilizing the latest data analytic tools and techniques, we help businesses organize, gather and structure existing data, so to make better informed business decisions.

TierPM’s services and solutions help you analyze your business’s data sets and help you draw conclusions about them by creating the latest in dashboards and interactive data visualizations. With the power of better Business intelligence (BI) in hand, you can answer basic to complex questions about business operations and performance.

TierPM Data Visualization Solutions

Using the latest tools such as PowerBi or Tableau,  TierPM can help you bring your data to life by working with your team to not only help get data properly organized and staged, but by then creating stunning and interactive dashboards. Data visualized via dashboard solutions such as Microsoft PowerBi, enables key business leaders and decision-makers to grasp difficult concepts, or to identify new business patterns including trending, historical and forecasting capabilities. With interactive dashboards drill down into charts and graphs for more detail.

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TierPM Solutions and Services

  • Data Analysis Consultation
  • PowerBi and Tableau Support
  • Custom Data Visualization Dashboard Development
  • Data Warehouse Design, Build and Support
  • Business Intelligence Consultation
  • Data Visualization Web Portal Development
  • Cloud based AI and Data Analytic Solutions
  • Business Process Consultation

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