IT Certifications That Pay the Most

pay the most

The IT industry is expanding at a rapid rate, which will only increase as technology advances. Along with this expansion brings the increased need for qualified IT professionals fit to do the job. This fact alone, however, does not guarantee applicants will land a job, especially one that will pay the most.

So, how does an IT professional stand out amongst the sea of applicants that companies receive on the daily? One way to prove to employers the skill level meets the need is to become certified. To help, we’ve listed the top IT certifications that pay the most and help to land the job.

Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH)

Computer security is a growing field within IT. There is a lack of skilled professionals, so a certificate in this area is highly desirable to employers. With a CEH certification, a professional will be able to protect sensitive company data by having a thorough understanding of how a hacker breaches a system, what tools they use and most importantly, how to prevent data theft and unwanted intrusion.

The exam costs close to $4,000 to take. It consists of 125 random questions, all in multiple-choice format, which test takers have four hours to complete. The exam is delivered by ECC EXAM and VUE. Upon successful completion of the certification, candidates can land a six-figure income in the computer security field.

Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP)

The most elite of computer security qualifications, the CISSP is a rigorous exam that proves above level talent in computer security. To qualify to sit for the certification, candidates must have at the minimum of 5 years’ professional security experience in at least two of the eight core domains.

The three-hour exam, which costs $699 to take, has 100 to 150 multiple-choice questions, as well as advanced innovative questions. Test takers need a score of 700 or more out of 1,000 to pass. They can take the test at a Pearson VUE testing center. The average salary of an IT professional with this certification is over $120,000 per year.

Certified in the Governance of Enterprise IT (CGEIT)

IT governance is a growing field of information technology. Professionals in this field are needed to bring together business goals and IT resources. An IT governance leader is a management role helping businesses identify and control risk. This role creates policies and procedures for the enterprise that ensures the company remains in compliance with any laws on business practices. After policies are established, this IT professional will monitor and adjust practices to keep the business focus on what is needed.

The exam is provided by ISACA for $575.00 and administered at a PSI testing center only three times every year. Five years of professional experience is required to qualify for the exam. The average salary once certified is $95,000 per year. There are 150 multiple choice questions, and there is a 4-hour time limit. A score of 450 is required to earn a certification.

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