The Future of Interviewing in 2020

interviewing in 2020

The Future of Interviewing in 2020

Workplace culture has drastically changed over the span of just one year. The modern-day workspace now offers huddle rooms instead of meeting rooms, the option to work remote, and free beer available 10 feet away from your desk. Aside from generational influence, the main catalyst for this shift is the rapid advancement of technology.

We see how this has affected everyday job goers, but what does this mean for the job seekers interviewing in 2020? Here are a few changes to the future of interviewing.

Interviewing via Video Chat

The days of traveling for an interview are soon to be over. Companies have begun to adopt video chatting for more than just employee meetings, now they are using tools such as ZOOM and WebEx to conduct candidate interviews without the candidate having to come to the office. Using this technique gives an advantage to both the company and candidate because a lot more can be determined over a video conference than a phone call. If you are asked to do a video interview, make sure to still dress the part and ensure your background is clear. You may be at home but you are still giving a first impression.

Voice Analysis Technology

Employers are using this technology to save time reviewing and analyzing recorded phone and video interviews. Voice Analysis Technology helps the employer sort out the most qualified candidate for the position. Job seekers should be aware that the next interview you have could be recorded, make sure to put your best voice and communication forward to get your skills across!


There has been a recent spark in the interest of learning about a person’s personality and characteristics when interviewing them for a position. This information helps the employer better understand if the candidate will be a good fit among the team or not and what kind of attitude they will bring to the company culture and work. Try a few assessments out to know your results before doing so for a potential employer.


Rumor has it that the first hologram prototype is already in the works. Companies are starting to look into this technique as an even more connected way than video chatting to meet a potential candidate. Would you say yes to a hologram interview? We will have to wait and see what is to come for interviewing in 2020.

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interviewing in 2020

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