How to Encourage Collaboration


As the typical workplace continues to evolve, energy and atmosphere of the office can be easily lost in the shuffle. It is important to consistently strengthen collaboration in the workplace. It is the collective creation of workable ideas and helps employees to achieve a common or set goal. Here are key tips on how to encourage collaboration in your office to increase productivity and creativity.

Set a Common Goal

Setting a common goal that is measurable within a team helps to foster unity. It encourages individuals to bring in their input and contribute ideas on how to achieve the company’s goals. Goal setting is a strong tool in this regard. It helps team members share a clear point of view.

Encourage a Creative Atmosphere

Encouraging a creative atmosphere helps foster strong collaboration in an office or on a team. Good collaboration allows brainstorming on an individual level. It gives rise to an open-ended approach, thereby leading to a diversity of ideas.

Prioritize Cohesion

Prioritizing cohesion in the office brings about a sense of belonging. It brings the entire team to the same platform. Communication of workflow becomes easier and a distinct set of shared priorities makes all colleagues and team members feel a sense of belonging.

Practice Open Communication

Communication is the best tool to help you create understanding, appreciation, and transparency. Promoting the practice of open communication in the office helps build understanding among disparate groups of people, which in turn increases productivity and profitability.

Create Social Gatherings

Encouraging workers or co-workers to socialize outside the office further promotes collaboration in the office because it helps break communication barriers and foster unity. Socialization outside of the office helps individuals or groups focus more on what they have in common rather than stick to their differences. Individuals get to know each other better and learn how to relate to each other through socializing.

Display Transparency from the Top

Collaboration can be further strengthened when leaders display a high level of transparency with their staff and co-workers as well as the willingness to own up and admit failures and weakness. Leaders being human makes subordinates less defensive and more collaborative in office.

Hopefully, by reading this article, you have identified some areas in your office where collaboration can be strengthened. It’s not an overnight process, but in time, these principles of openness may transform your office culture.


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