5 Ways to Significantly Improve Your Job Hunting Experience

When it comes to landing your dream job, standing out from the crowd must be your top priority. A key way of standing out is by building a resume that will not only attract but impress companies and potential employers.

Think of your resume as your first impression. Rather than rely on an outdated Word document to sell your skills, take advantage of new technologies to create a resume that highlights your unique qualities. Building a great resume can be tricky, but not if you have the right tools. Be proactive in your job search by using the resources below and see how far your resume can take you.



Creddle offers drag-and-drop functionality to resume building. Choose from numerous resume templates, customize everything from your header to your section layout, and share your creation online and offline. Embed your CV on your own website, save and share as a PDF file, or print as a flyer.




VisualCV lets you turn your credentials into an online website as well as a stunning offline resume. Choose from multiple templates including executive, consultant and engineer options. Your personal resume website can be converted to PDF format for sharing as an email attachment. VisualCV also offers social networking tools and email marketing resources to improve the potential of your resume.




Represent provides powerful tools to ensure your resume gets noticed. Features include resume analytics, social media sharing, data sync and export capabilities, and an intelligent resume dashboard. Represent resumes are mobile-ready, ensuring your CV displays properly on smartphones, tablets and desktop devices.




Workfolio offers a powerful personal presentation tool for job seekers. Features include analytics, a blogging interface, and email marketing resources. Create an impressive online summary of your skills regardless of whether you are a self-employed professional consultant for hire or an executive searching for your next gig.




Strikingly lets you turn your LinkedIn profile into an online resume. Login via your LinkedIn profile and Strikingly automatically formats your resume to impress potential employers. Creating an impressive skill portfolio doesn’t get much easier.



If you are frustrated by your job hunting experience, your resume could be at fault. By using these resources, you can stay ahead of the game and take your career to the next level.

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