Unified Communications Dashboard

unified communications dashboard

The Unified Communications Dashboard

TierPM has released its Unified Communications Dashboard, a new data analytics and visualization tool that allows companies to manage and see conference room, audio visual technology, and meeting data all from one location.

The Unified Communications Dashboard presents actionable insights to conference rooms, technology, performance, issues, and user data companywide. With interactive visualization, technology managers can take the concept a step further by using technology to drill down into charts and graphs for more detail, interactively changing what data they see and how it’s processed.

unified communications dashboard

“We are excited to roll out this new service offering which will enable organizations to better utilize their collaboration technology to make better business decisions while improving their overall ROI,” said Mark Winner, managing partner at TierPM.


The Unified Communications Dashboard enables users to track data from one centralized point to manage and track room usage, asset management, and many other collaboration technology related functions. Tracking such detailed information per each device and room in various categories will optimize performance and provide insight into where technology and rooms can be improved, according to the company.

The TierPM Unified Communications Dashboard can be customized to fit business needs. Ready to get started? Check out our interview with rAVe Pubs for an inside look at the dashboard:


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