TierPM Staffing Services FAQ’s

Get your answers here to frequently asked questions about our staffing services.

Q: Can you fill a position if it is not listed within the industries TierPM serves?
A: Yes, our core competence is in recruiting, and we have skilled resources and refined processes to fill any client opening.

Q: Can you help me fill a position where you don’t have an office?
A: Yes. We recruit on a national basis and regularly fill remote positions nationally and internationally.

Q: If I hire someone as a contractor or consultant, can I later hire that person directly? Do I owe a fee?
A: After 6 months, a client can present a consultant with a direct job offer with no fee to TierPM.

Q: If I hire TierPM for a Contingency Search and hire no one, do I have to pay anything?
A: No. When TierPM is engaged on a Contingency Search, you only pay TierPM if you hire one of the people we present.

Q: What is the benefit of a Retained Search Agreement with TierPM?
A: Retained Search Agreements guarantee your search gets prioritized above all other searches. It also offers you candidate exclusivity, where applicants are presented to you prior to being presented to your competitors.

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