TierPM Permanent Hire Recruiting

Top Audio Visual and IT talent, on demand

Higher quality of talent

Recruiting is not a core competency of most companies, but at TierPM permanent hire recruiting is absolutely at the core of what we do. We act as an extension of your HR recruiting team to serve a wide range of audio visual, information technology and administrative positions placed. Our focused and networked specialization in the audio visual and IT fields greatly increases the employee talent pool that you can choose fro including both active and passive talent.

Because we spend time upfront getting to know the needs of your organization and our candidates, we’re able to identify and present candidates who are the best fit for your positions. We have a strong national recruiting network including a proprietary Audio Visual and IT talent network to help you locate top quality talent around the country quickly.

Faster time to hire

Because recruiting is our business, we are able to source, screen and present you hire skilled talent faster and more efficiently. The specialized recruiting, sourcing and networking resources and tools of TierPM give you the benefit of working with a specialty AV/IT recruiting shop, without the specialty costs, saving you both time and money.

Our success is tied to yours, so we are not satisfied until your new hires have fully transitioned into their new roles. More than just a transactional talent supplier, you get a consultative partner in TierPM that values you as an individual, no matter the size of your business.

Contact us for a workforce solution that is mutually beneficial to your business and your next direct hire.