NSCA Ignite – Everything You Need to Know


Everything You Need to Know About NSCA Ignite The National Systems Contractors Association, NSCA, is a non-profit organization representing the Commercial Electronic Systems industry. Along with being a strong advocate for the industry, the NSCA also provides useful tools and resources for the industry through the NSCA Member Organization and NSCA Education Foundation. To learn… Read More »

Career Goals for 2019

Career Goals

Career Goals for 2019 Have you thought about what your career goals are for 2019? We ran a survey on Twitter asking our followers what their biggest career goal of 2019 is. Here’s what they said: #AVTweeps what is your biggest career goal of 2019? If you choose other, reply letting us know what your… Read More »

AVIXA Foundation Scholarship & Internship Programs

AVIXA Foundation

    The AVIXA Foundation Scholarship & Internship Programs AVIXA, the Audiovisual and Integrated Experience Association, is an international trade association committed to accelerating growth in the audiovisual industry through standards, certification, training, market intelligence, and thought leadership. TierPM AV/IT Workforce Solutions had the pleasure of interviewing Joseph Valerio, Director of Workforce Development at AVIXA and… Read More »

I Want To Be An Audio Visual Technical Recruiter

Audio Visual Technical Recruiter

“When I grow up, I want to be an Audio Visual Technical Recruiter” I am Jonathan Webster, a father of 3 beautiful kids from the state of New Jersey. I have been a recruiter for over 14 years, 12 of those years being in the Technical Recruiting Space. In addition to my passion for recruiting,… Read More »

When I Grow Up, I Want To Be A…

When I Grow Up

When I Grow Up, I Want To Be A… by TierPM AV/IT Workforce Solutions What did you want to be when you were growing up? As young professionals enter the Audio Visual industry, it’s important he or she is aware of the many different career fields available to them. In this mini-series, TierPM AV/IT Workforce Solutions interviews… Read More »

Take Your Audio Visual Career to the Next Level

Audio Visual Career

It’s no secret that IT is becoming increasingly relevant in the Audio Visual industry. As an Audio Visual professional, you may run into a position that calls for an IT knowledge base in addition to your Audio Visual expertise. If you aren’t prepared to take on a position as such, that could put your career… Read More »

The Art of The Modern Day Interview

Modern Day Interview

Job Interview Communication Tips For Modern Times The workplace has evolved substantially over the last couple of decades along with the workforce itself. The way people communicate has also undergone an evolution process. One of the most popular classes around right now is interview prep classes. Back in the day, a job interview didn’t require… Read More »

The 5 Hottest Audio Visual Jobs of 2018

Can you guess what the hottest Audio Visual jobs are of 2018? Keep reading to find out! According to AVIXA’s latest study on employment trends in 2018, the following five jobs were found to be the highest in demand at Audio Visual companies around the nation. Use this list of 2018’s hottest Audio Visual Jobs… Read More »

Become A Developer – The Hottest Tech Career 

Hottest Tech Career

The explosion of information technology over the past decade has opened up hundreds of new tech career fields. These careers are among the most exciting and most profitable today, often commanding high wages and job security that are lacking in other fields. One of the hottest tech careers available to modern tech workers is that… Read More »

Job Seekers – Mistakes to Avoid

audio visual companies

Job seeking is an exciting time: networking, connecting with co-workers from the past, meeting new people, and learning about fresh opportunities. However, some Audio Visual job seekers become so enthralled in their connecting that he or she makes the mistake of overbooking his or her self. While getting as many interviews as possible is good,… Read More »