Diversify Your Skillset in the Audio Visual Industry

diversify your skillset

Diversify Your Skillset in the Audio Visual Industry

In an ever-changing industry, it’s important to keep your skillset up to date and be aware of any and all emerging trends. We interviewed TierPM Recruiter, Jonathan Webster, to learn how you can diversify your skillset and stay on top of your game.

Q: What direction is the audio visual industry is heading and what are some key things a candidate/AV professional needs to do in order to keep up?

A: The A/V industry is moving more towards IoT, software, and cloud based solutions. For example, video conferencing was monitors and servers, now it’s all-in-one software such as Zoom or Blue Jeans. In addition, home theatre and security technology has moved from expert-needed installation to DIY/self-installation, i.e. home automation open and close shutters, unlock your doors, etc.

As an A/V professional, it is vital that you diversify your skillset. Always be learning, keep up with Tech/IT/IoT and keep an ear to industry trends as they evolve. Don’t be afraid to cross that line from electronic engineering to information technology. Hardware is needed, EE will always be there, but the valued services are weighing heavier on all things that drive, support, and store Big and small Data – IT based.

Q: What types of training or certifications should professionals look into? Or, where should I professional start when wanting to diversify their skillset?

A: Short answer: every manufacturer has a training out there, Biamp training, Crestron training, etc. all based on their newer technology. The best thing a professional can do to get started is research their current position and companies that hold such positions and see where the companies are beginning to advance. Get to know the IT sides of audio visual companies and see what parts relate to the audio visual positions. That will lead you in the right direction.

Q: Newer candidates coming out of college – what should they do to prepare themselves or be aware of as they enter the industry as a professional?

A: First, understand that it takes time to grow and learn. Seek out mentorship from an audio visual professional in your area and find out what they did to get their career started. Also, start with the basics: CTS training, programming training, etc. anything that will get you in the door and place you higher in the chances of getting a job.

diversify your skillset

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