Top Tips to Prepare for Your Job Search in 2020

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Top Tips to Prepare for Your Job Search in 2020

The holidays are typically known as a time of rest, seeing family, eating great food, and putting up that lovely “out of office” auto-reply email. Rarely do people think of the holiday season as a great time to apply for a new job, however, the holidays are in fact a great time to prepare yourself for hitting the ground running once the New Year has arrived.

In our latest #WAVECareers Twitter Q&A, Women In AV (WAVE) asked TierPM recruiters: What are the key things a candidate can do over the holidays to get ready for their job search in 2020? Here’s what the recruiters suggest.

Recharge Your Physical and Mental Batteries

Taking the time to rest and recharge is key for preparing for the new year. If you don’t take the time to rest, meditate, exercise, etc. during the break, you will find yourself run down and mentally drained before the new year even begins. It is crucial to ensure you are in a clear headspace and feeling energized to get back in the game once the time presents itself.

Update Your Resume with New Skills or Job Duties

While companies are taking extended time off during the holiday season it’s the perfect time to add all of the new and exciting things you have accomplished in the past year to your resume. Doing so will remove any time pressure that may usually be a burden when applying to new jobs. You don’t want to find the job of your dreams has just opened up and you don’t have enough time to really show your experience and expertise because you didn’t update your resume.

Clear Your Email (including junk folder!)

This might seem obvious, however, a lot of people never take the time to clear out their email. When applying to new jobs, it’s crucial to have a clean and organized inbox so that you don’t miss any important emails coming in. This will also help to clear your mind when starting fresh for your job search in 2020.

Check and Update Your LinkedIn

Nowadays everyone is on LinkedIn and you better bet that your new potential employer will be looking you up to see if your resume matches your profile. Take the time to check all of your notifications and messages, organize your LinkedIn inbox, and update your profile to match your resume. LinkedIn recently added a feature where co-workers, colleagues, and college alumni can write you a recommendation that is posted right onto your profile. This is a great tool to take advantage of because it shows that lots of people throughout your college days and career can speak to your capabilities and credibility.

Don’t let out of office messages and closed for the season signs discourage you! Optimize your time this holiday season by using the tips above as a checklist to prepare for your job search in 2020 and get ahead of the game.



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job search
job search

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