3 Unspoken Career Advancement Rules

career advancement

3 Unspoken Career Advancement Rules

In today’s working world, competition for career advancement is becoming increasingly difficult. As a modern-day professional, it is important to be prepared for when the opportunity to advance in your career presents itself. Here are the top three ways to optimize your chances of getting the promotion you’ve been waiting for.

1. Education, Training, and Certifications

The best way to show an employer you are qualified for a promotion is through your background of education and certifications in your field. Keep your training and education current by achieving new certifications or next level certifications and training. This will show your employer that you are looking to advance in your career and you are ready to take on the next level up.

2. Sponsors/Mentors are Functionally Mandatory

Many people have made it to great positions just by working hard and being noticed by the right people. However, that is rarely the case in modern companies. There is too much talent everywhere that simply being exceptional is no longer enough. Now, sponsors/mentors, someone who will champion you, are functionally mandatory for anyone who wants to go far in their careers.

Mentors are there to improve skills and make people better at their jobs, while sponsors are largely there to evaluate whether or not someone is ready for more responsibilities. Finding a sponsor is a matter of power and willingness. A good sponsor is not only willing to provide their support, but they also have the influence or position to actually make that support count.

3. Self-Promotion is Part of the Game

In many corporate cultures, it’s perfectly understandable – even expected – that people will highlight and promote their accomplishments. Unfortunately, not all people are raised with the kind of mentality where he or she are encouraged to talk themselves up. Some people even see self-promoting as inappropriate, believing that their performance will automatically be noticed without any extra promotion necessary. For the most part, it’s a matter of timing. If it’s on topic, or relevant to the current listener, then it’s a good time to engage in self-promotion.

While all these tips will help, it’s important to remember that nothing can replace great work and exceptional performance. No amount of proper self-promotion, for example, will help if there’s nothing to self promote. Consider these as additions to your career advancement arsenal, not replacements.

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