Sarah Vanroyce, Program Manager at TierPM

Program Manager

Meet Sarah Vanroyce, Program Manager at TierPM AV/IT Workforce Solutions.

We at TierPM are excited to welcome our new Program Manager, Sarah Vanroyce, to the team. In this piece, learn about Sarah’s background and what brought her to TierPM today.

About Sarah:

I am from Garth Brooks hometown (Yukon, Oklahoma).  I moved to Oregon in 2011 and lived there for 7 years.  I really love food, wine, the ocean, and traveling. I love to read. One of my favorite series is Harry Potter. I have the stars from the books tattooed on my right wrist. I am really enjoying living in Texas. I have a passion for solving business problems through analyzing business processes.
Q: What was it like to transition from Psychology to the Tech/IT/AV industry?

A: It was very organic. I decided to move to Oregon for an adventure and was hired by Biamp the next week. I fell in love with Biamp, Oregon, and the Audio Visual industry. I feel that in my work, I get to use my psychology degree by evaluating the business processes and seeing where/how they affect each other. Then I have the opportunity to collaborate, optimize, prioritize, and develop solutions.

Q: What advice would you give to a woman/anyone looking to enter the tech/AV industry?

A: From my experience, there are not a ton of women in this industry. I really have had to learn to embrace the opportunity and not be afraid to shine. Reach out, network, and get involved with other women in the industry. For me, those relationships have been so valuable and rewarding.

Q: During your time at Biamp, how did you manage to have a full-time job while also owning your own separate business and pursuing your master’s at the same time?

A: Lot’s of time management, perseverance, learning to live without sleep 😊, and grit!

Q: What advice or lessons learned can you share with other woman looking to advance in their careers?

A: Advocate for yourself. Really evaluate what you’re passionate about and try to make that a career. I am not much of a 5 to 10-year career planner, but I think having a roadmap for what is important to you and how to achieve those goals is important. Stay flexible. We change, our goals change. I started at Biamp as an accounts payable clerk and in my last job, I was the Director of Continuous Improvement. Without flexibility and an open mind, I don’t know where I would be today. Lastly, have balance. Work is so important, but you can’t add value if you are not balanced and taking care of yourself.

Q: When it comes to career transitioning and looking for new opportunities, what has been most effective for you?

A: I keep coming back to a question someone I respect once asked me, what do you want to give to the world?

A: When he first asked me that, it was several years ago and all I could think about was getting promoted and the pay.  He asked me that same question again not very long ago, and I was able to really answer him. It’s important to me to help businesses be the best version of themselves. I’m fulfilled when a project is a success, or I feel I have added value.  In finding that answer, the promotions, money, and so much more have found their way to me. I can look at my career and seek new opportunities with a very different mindset.

Q: As someone who has taken risks as an investment in yourself and your career, what advice would you give to someone considering doing the same?

A: I think my answer is probably the same as the others.  Make sure you are making the investment because you feel passionate about it. Not because you feel you “have to”. I felt I had to get my MBA to be successful, I wasn’t really driven to it because I was passionate about it. Therefore, those two years were long. However, I got a lot more than just a degree. I met some amazing people and achieved something only one other person in my family has achieved. I also found out just how tough I am.

Program Manager


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