Jan Sandri, President of FSR, Inc.


A/V Spotlight: Jan Sandri, President of FSR, Inc.

“Business-wise, I’m the President and Founding Partner of FSR. I also sit on the Board of Kindness Shared Happiness Squared, a charity with no salaries.  I’ve previously served as the mayor, both fire and police commissioner, and as the president of the board of health of my home town, Little Falls, NJ.”

– Jan Sandri

What is something unique about the Audio Visual industry that not many people know?

I don’t think people are aware of how much potential there is in the AV industry for those that are willing to learn and work hard. If you have energy and ambition and are willing and able to contribute you can work your way up to the top.

What is something in life that you are passionate about?

While I’m very passionate about the AV business and am dedicated to both my company specifically and the industry as a whole, at the end of the day, it is all about family. Enjoying my children and grandchildren is what life is all about.

What would you do differently if you were starting in your industry now?

I don’t know what I would do differently. FSR’s core values are as relevant now as they were when we started out in 1981:  Manufacture quality products that enhance AV Integration, and service our customers with integrity. If I started working in this industry tomorrow, perhaps the product priorities and selling strategies would be different than they were 37 years ago, but I would still make sure my customers received quality and value with each installation.

What’s the best advice about the Audio Visual industry you have ever received?

Be out there. Let your customers know who you are and what you stand for.

What does a usual workday look like for you?

I start the day at home with coffee and review all my emails so when I get to the office I’m caught up and ready to go!  The day consists of contacting customers, meetings with management, and walking through our buildings to talk to our employees. It’s amazing what you can learn on the product floor!

How would you describe the relationship between A/V and IT?

AV and IT are coming together, of course.  There is still not enough respect for what an AV installation really entails though.  It’s so different from IT.  There are so many concerns you need to be aware of with AV. You have to be concerned not only with a system working correctly but meeting the customers’ expectations for ease-of-operation, great sound quality, and perfect video. And the customer wants to push one button and get it all!

What do you see as the future of A/V?

Margins on products are getting smaller so the AV Integrator must look toward managed services to add to profits.  The basic AV installation is undervalued in the marketplace.



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