A/V Spotlight: Brandy Alvarado, Dir. of Marketing & Business Dev. at rp Visual Solutions

rp Visual Solutions

Brandy Alvarado

Director of Marketing & Business Development at rp Visual Solutions

“You can find me at @AVBrandy on Twitter, @brandycielo14 on Instagram, as well as on Facebook, and LinkedIn under Brandy Alvarado. I also manage a few social media handles for RP Visuals. @rpVisuals on Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, Pinterest, and Youtube. On top of managing these social media platforms, I also manage our website, print advertising, PR, tradeshows/events, and assist with business development opportunities with Consultants, Display Manufacturers, Creators, and Integrators.”

– Brandy Alvarado

What is something unique about the Audio Visual industry that not many people know?

When I started working in the industry just a few short years ago, I had no idea that is was so diverse in terms of its workforce, and yet lacking in women considerably. I also learned very quickly that my background in high school music programs and love of all things artistic weren’t unlike many of my industry colleagues. I found AV to be a great fit for me instantly.

What is something in life that you are passionate about?

Many things… my family, friends, garden, and my community both in Orange County, CA  and in AV. One of my biggest passions is my work on the AVIXA Women’s Council. I founded (alongside Cory Schaeffer/QSC) the first of many regional Women’s Council groups in Southern California, and that group has helped the Council to grow to 32 Groups currently around the globe. I’ve been enriched both professionally and personally by working on the Council and coordinating events in So Cal and on a national level. I work with the best group of leaders on the Council to initiate programs that serve the AVIXA members and help them grow both professionally and personally as well. I’m truly grateful for my experience on the Council and look forward to it’s evolution in the coming years.

What would you do differently if you were starting in your industry now?

I would have tried to break into the industry a lot earlier.

What’s the best advice about the Audio Visual industry you have ever received?

The best advice I received was “Fake it until you make it” in the context of being in a room full of brilliant AV minds, and being new to the industry trying to understand AV speak. I’ve learned so much and continue to educate myself to the abundance of innovations constantly cropping up.

What does a usual workday look like for you?

No two days are truly the same, and I love that part. I spend a bit of my time monitoring our social media/email/web campaigns, and nurturing those opportunities garnered from online. I also spend a bunch of time coordinating tradeshows/events for RPV. We work with a lot of Consultants and offer a variety of educational opportunities via CTS courses. Most of our events center around educational seminars, and we frequently partner with display manufacturers to co-host events.

What’s your definition of an ‘influencer’?

I think an influencer should be someone credible, and authentic. I know traditionally influencers have been thought of as someone with a large audience and valued perspective of their industry, but I also think an influencer is someone with the ability to engage with many people at a very dynamic level – a thought leader with a secret sauce.

How would you describe the relationship between A/V and IT?

The relationship between AV & IT is evolving rapidly, and I think in this day and age where all devices do everything, there is a need to think differently and communicate our expertise to bridge the gaps.

What do you see as the future of A/V?

For RPV it means continuing to push the limits of custom engineered solutions. Creating visual structures where unbound canvases and pixels anywhere is the reality, and how you present them is your art. I’ve had the privilege of seeing some incredible products on the horizon, and witness things that will shift the paradigm of traditional AV. Cheers to 2019 and beyond!

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