The 5 Hottest Audio Visual Jobs of 2018

audio visual jobs

Can you guess what the hottest Audio Visual jobs are of 2018?

Keep reading to find out!

According to AVIXA’s latest study on employment trends in 2018, the following five jobs were found to be the highest in demand at Audio Visual companies around the nation. Use this list of 2018’s hottest Audio Visual Jobs to guide you in finding your next Audio Visual job opportunity!

  1. Audio and Video Equipment Technicians
    1. AV Equipment techs are professionals who install and configure video and audio equipment in various environments, including events, offices, and homes. This position came out on top as the number one job posted for hire in the Audio Visual industry in 2018. As companies continue to advance their technology and resources, this position is highly desired for companies to continue to grow.
  2. Computer User Support Specialists
    1. Now that IT has become strongly intertwined with Audio Visual solutions, the need for a professional trained in both areas has greatly increased. CUSS professionals assist in network and software issues companies or clients may face. This position was listed as the second most in-demand position in the Audio Visual industry.
  3. Construction Managers
    1. A Construction Manager oversees the design, construction, and planning of audio visual projects. Tried and true, this position has stayed strong in the needs of audio visual companies in executing their solutions and services.
  4. Computer Programmers
    1. There is a variety of computer programmers needed in the Audio Visual industry, from Crestron programmers to Software Engineers. This position goes along with pro-AV companies’ initiative to hire Audio Visual professionals trained in Information Technology skills.
  5. First-Line Supervisors of Office and Administrative Support Workers
    1. Although these positions were listed as number five in demand, each position is critical to the overall efficiency of an Audio Visual company. Thee professionals are in charge of supervising the office standards, deadlines, and procedures, as well as ensuring customer satisfaction with the provided services.

As services and solutions provided in the Audio Visual industry continue to expand, the need for various skilled and capable professionals increases. To advance your chances of landing your next Audio Visual job, ensure you are skilled in any of the positions above. Doing so will not only boost your chances of finding an open position but also increase your chance of getting hired.

To learn more about 2018 Audio Visual Employment trends, AVIXA‘s 2018 META: Pro-AV Channel Employment Report can be purchased here.

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