Job Seekers – Mistakes to Avoid

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Job seeking is an exciting time: networking, connecting with co-workers from the past, meeting new people, and learning about fresh opportunities. However, some Audio Visual job seekers become so enthralled in their connecting that he or she makes the mistake of overbooking his or her self. While getting as many interviews as possible is good, you want to make sure you are committed to following through with attending each one.

When a professional skips out on a planned interview, his or her chances of working for that company and any associated companies are instantly lost. To avoid burning a bridge in your professional career, make sure to follow these best practice for Audio Visual Job Seekers.

If You Commit to an Interview, Show Up

After connecting with a company, talking to their hiring managers, and committing to an interview, the last thing you want to do is flake on the meeting. Not only is it unprofessional but also rude to the person you are planning to meet. Employers will assume you are not interested and are not trustworthy in your word.

By not showing up, you ruin your chances of ever working at that company because your absence will be documented and the employer will remember your lack of action and communication in the future. This doesn’t just affect your chance with the company you had an interview with, but will also hurt your chances with other companies as well. Although the Audio Visual industry is big, there is a chance the employer will also share this information with other companies who may be interested in hiring you.

Show Up On Time

Lateness is never a positive character trait. Showing up late to an interview is almost as bad as not showing up at all. Your potential employer will see you as careless and unprofessional. Being late to an interview will also lower your chances immensely of landing the job. If you know you are going to be late to an interview, always call to let the person you’re meeting know why you are late and when they can expect you to arrive. Communication is key in these sticky situations.

If You Can’t Make the Interview, Let Them Know

Life happens, people get busy, emergencies occur, and most times we cannot control when these events happen. If you know you are unable to make the interview you scheduled, call them in advance to let them know. Calling your interviewer ahead of time will show that you care about the opportunity and that you respect the potential employer. Hopefully, doing so will also allow you to reschedule the interview, so you do not miss your opportunity.

In the case that you get a new position and therefore have no reason to attend your next scheduled interview, it is important you still call the interviewer to let them know you won’t be coming. Although it may not seem important to you then, you may want another chance at that company in the future, which is why it is important to maintain a positive relationship with any company or professional you come into contact with.

It’s a small world, burning a bridge can be easily done with the miss of an interview. If the person you were supposed to meet with is now the manager at your new company, they will remember you for future endeavors. Make sure to always keep the relationships you’ve made in your career path because you never know what job you might get next.

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job seeker mistakes to avoid

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