Refreshed and Revamped: Our New Logo

You know the saying, “Out with the old, in with the new”? At the start of 2018 we adopted that motto for ourselves. A brand new year, and a makeover to boot.

You may have fond memories and associations with our old logo—and we do too. But we’re excited to turn over a new leaf and embrace change, a change that’s reinvigorated our brand and the services we provide.

To best understand the why behind the change, we broke up the new logo into three sections. Read on to learn the meaning behind the madness.







We revamped our colors and replaced gold and gray with a bright red and yellow. Why?

  • At TierPM, we have a passion for what we do—and a desire to work hard every day. The red in our new logo is the color of strength and energy.
  • We value honor and loyalty. Yellow symbolizes both honor and loyalty, but also happiness and warmth.


We want to show that we mean business.

  • The clean, modern (sans serif) font reflects our commitment to listening to your needs. Simply put, we have everything you’re looking for.
  • We chose to use all capital letters to emphasize our assertiveness. We know how strong we are and we want those looking in to know, too.


How cool is our new symbol? The red box with the yellow dots means something, too:

  • A square is sturdy, even, and balanced on all sides. You know what you’re getting when you think of a square and you know what you’re getting when you work with us.
  • We’ll work with you to find the perfect match; the connected dots resembles circuitry and general connection—something we do quite well.

What’s not changing? Our expertise in AV/IT, our innovative solutions and our dedication to our clients. Expect more of that—just with a revamped exterior.



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