Recruit The Employee You Want – Without The Recruiting Hassle


Picture this: you have several new projects on the horizon, and one of your clients has additional, time-consuming requests, requests that you don’t necessarily have the time to complete. Let’s face it, you need to recruit a dedicated team.

To hire someone new would take time away from your already busy schedule and set you further back on projects—not to mention cost money. This is where contract staffing can grant all of your wishes. Take a look at the benefits you can expect:

Recruit an employee who meets all of your needs.

With contract staffing, you can tell the staffing agency exactly what you’re looking for in an employee—and they won’t stop until they find an exact match. From specific skills to length of hire, recruiters will deliver on your requirements for any given position. Contract staffing also relieves you of scanning the internet and combing through hundreds of resumes. Another advantage? When the length of the contract is over, you decide if the employee should stay or go.

Don’t worry about all that paperwork.

From business filings to payroll taxes to workers comp insurance, staffing agencies take care of all of that paperwork. This means you’ll save time and energy as the contract company handles all the required withholdings associated to payroll. Yes, to emphasize—this includes taxes and insurance.

Save money.

Yes, even more than payroll taxes. You know those hiring-related tasks that add up, like background checks? Staffing agencies take care of it. And even better—those bigger financial burdens, like onboarding and training, are also covered. Your new contract employee will already have the technical skills you’re looking for, so in-depth training isn’t necessary.

Decrease the risk of an unfit candidate.

No employer wants to go through three rounds of interviews only to uncover a red flag in a candidate. An agency’s pool of pre-screened applicants allows you to skip the first rounds of interviews and spend time speaking with the most qualified candidates. Staffing agencies will only deliver a potential employee that is a fit for your company.

At the end of the day, you need to focus on what’s most important—running your business. By working with a staffing agency and a contract employee, you’ll have more time to do just that. Curious about more benefits that come with working with a staffing agency? Contact TierPM today to learn more.


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