An Insider’s Look at the Recruiting Process

An Insider’s Look at the Recruiting Process

Recruiting and hiring decisions are some of the most important decisions made by any organization, because employees are the foundation for any successful company. If organizations don’t “hire smart,” there may be repercussions down the road. Unfortunately, recruiting for, and vetting, potential hires is often a stressful and time-consuming process – taking employees away from their core purpose of doing their job. Recruiting is also particularly difficult for a niche role that requires a qualified candidate with specialized skills.

Working with a staffing company, like TierPM, can help fill open roles quickly. As a one-stop-shop for recruiting, staffing, application development and project management solutions, we leverage our network of talent to fill the most specialized roles and tackle the most intricate projects. It’s the best of both worlds: we help companies find qualified talent and also place skilled professionals in open job positions. But, how do we recruit our workforce? Here’s an insider look:

The TierPM Talent Network

The first step in our recruitment process is to look at the candidates in TierPM’s Talent Network. Upon joining the talent network database, the user is immediately considered for jobs that match his or her current job and career interests, including permanent, temporary and temp-to-perm opportunities.

TierPM actively recruits the best of the best. Recruiting efforts include sourcing our database of over 30,000 AV/IT leaders and networking with professionals we’ve engaged with in the past. TierPM works diligently to attract top candidates and quickly connect members when a new job is available.

Members of the talent network will not only receive alerts about new job opportunities but also receive relevant updates from TierPM with career advice, AV/IT industry trends and other tips relating to the job search process. Users can also share job opportunities with family, colleagues and friends who they think might be a good fit for the role. As a bonus for referrals, users can receive a cash reward of up to $1,000 if that person is hired.

Jobs That Fit

We believe in matching job seekers with roles that mirror their passion, ideal job timeline and skill set. So whether candidates are looking to start a new job today or a few months down the line—or companies are getting a jumpstart on future hiring needs—we’re here to help.

Typical job positions include:

  • Design Engineers
  • Lead Installers
  • Programmers
  • Project Managers
  • Technical Directors

Potential candidates can also search for positions by keywords and location, which is a personalized, hands-on way of finding an ideal job. As job seekers begin to accumulate, we move to the next step of the recruitment process and begin to narrow down the list of candidates, building a pool of outstanding talent that we believe will excel in the job position.

Best Foot Forward: A-List Candidates

TierPM’s core focus on the audio-visual industry has allowed us to build a deep knowledge of the skills employers are looking for—and the skills candidates can develop. By combining both sides of the equation, the third step in recruiting is to find qualified candidates for employees to review. TierPM’s vetting process consists of thorough screening and efforts to unlock candidates’ key skills. Our approach begins with phone screening applicants we feel are a match based on specified job requirements. We then analyze the candidate’s skills self-assessment, a required evaluation where candidates rate themselves on a scale of 1-5 where they believe they fall for each particular required skill.  From there, our team compiles notes and submit compatible applicants to the hiring manager for the position. The recruitment process isn’t for the faint of heart, and the most successful outcomes are a result of preparation and networking—we can help with both. TierPM works to provide high quality staffing services for clients so they can focus on what matters to them: running their business.


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An Insider’s Look at the Recruiting Process

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